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Why Gutter Guards

Gutters protect your house but what protects the gutters?

Clogged gutters cause considerable water damage, mold and mildew, foster mosquitoes and pests, and treacherous ice dams.

Keeping your gutters free of leaves and debris requires you to clean them twice a year — a semi-annual task that is messy, tedious, dangerous and often costly.

Stay Out of the Gutter

                               patented design keeps leaves and debris from collecting inside and on top of gutters, prevents clogs and permits rainwater to flow freely - engineered so most leaves and debris roll off. Whatever little remains suspended may be simply flipped away making maintenance safe and ladders unnecessary. 



Universal Hook

Attaches to any pole

Edge Fins

• Contours to roofline

• Sits "on top" of shingles

• Leaves roll off

Filter Pattern

• Draws rainwater

• Captures debris

• Flips leaves off

Drip Edge

Prevents "tiger stripes"

The Product

Heavy-Duty Hinge

Installs on the outside edge


How It Works

                              advanced Gutter Protection System

Roof Conforming follows wavy lines and any pitch ensuring a tight fit

Shingle Friendly installs over the shingles preventing lifting and penetration of the roof's water barrier

Resistant smooth, slick, highly chemical and anti-fungal retarding mildew and mold, and impact resistant

Durable lightweight, strong and flexible outlasts traditional material

Weatherable UV protection and industrial grade material rated for extreme temperatures

Sustainable Eco-friendly - no harmful emissions or toxic chemicals, BPA Free - and recyclable

Universal Fit self-adjusts to 5" and 6" gutters on any roof pitch and line

Snow & Ice Dam can readily lift snow to prevent ice formation and dams

Simple Install easily screws onto existing or new gutter outside edge

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